Meet The Team

Justin Maurice Lamarche

Lead Developer

Responsible for many things but not limited to: game design, game planning, story writing, programming, character design, maps, game mechanics ect.

Lucas Kich

Pixel Artist

Lucas is responsible for all the character animations, icons, drops, and many other things. We are very lucky to have him for the game. He is an extremely talented pixel artist and just a great person.

Darby Machin

Pixel Artist

Darby created the asset line of resources “Pop City Horror”, which was used primarily as the game’s tiles (what makes the world environment). This is usually referred to as the style of pixel art. One thing to note is his attention to detail with these tiles. They are a huge deal and probably took a long time to make. Many thanks to Darby.

Vladimir Skrypnikov

Plugin Developer

Pheonix KageDesu has been a very great help to Corpse Mansion. Without him there wouldn’t be a finished battle system. With all the extra features I wanted he still had no problem doing them for the game. He also does other various plugins in the game. His spot on the team is irreplaceable.

Matthew Ashworth

Pixel Artist

Mat has been working with us for almost a year now and is responsible for many things in the project. In particular he has done a lot of pixel artworks for the enemies of the game. He will also continue to work with us bringing you more animations and awesome behaviour’s to make the game truly special.