Open and Interactive World!

Corpse Mansion has a beautifully pixel illustrated world for you to explore and interact with. Almost nothing is off limits for scavenging new resources to help you survive the apocalypse.

Plethora of Weapons!

Use over 30 different weapons! You can light enemies on fire or use a rocket launcher to end their existence. Come up with your own strategies to get past the hordes of zombies that await you.

Mob Professions

Enemies drop items related to their pre-apocolypse profession. For example, Police Mobs can drop police related items but cannot drop doctor related items.


Set in a post-apocolyptic world, the game tells a story of survivors Cole Woods and Elena Morgan as they work together to survive their journey across the country to a research facility to find a possible cure for an unstoppable virus turning people into flesh-eating corpses. Elena’s father has gone missing to add to the already lengthy list of problems going on. Cole must now help his dear friend find her father before time runs out. The decisions you make shape the story, impact other characters and can change the circumstances you find yourself in.

Gamers First Impressions

“Game looks amazing!”

Tomás Palazzi Tomás Palazzi

“Aaah, I love this! Why couldn’t you make it in 1998 when I actually had time to play games, and when this would be my favourite one!”

@where_beer via twitter @where_beer via twitter

Yes to all of this! The atmosphere that the music creates is unbelievable. The sfx sound great and the gameplay in the video looks very smooth!

@TsgTim1 via twitter @TsgTim1 via twitter
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Dev Log #7 – Beta Access Ending & Early Access

Beta Access that has been given out to players will be effectively revoked starting August 1st, 2021. This helps me put the beta down for a second and continue the development of Corpse Mansion’s rich world & interactable environment. This is where you will live through the hardships of Hell City and feel the constant pressure […]

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Dev Log #6 – Added Pointers & Tips to the Game

Game Pointers and Tips We have added Game Pointers and Tips to the game. Currently, we have support for using XBOX ONE controllers and PS4 controllers. We still show keyboard keys by default to support our computer users first and foremost. (Hotkey bar is not compatible with controller but you can use it still with […]

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Coming to Steam Early Access this Halloween.

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Introducing the new Support Forums!

Introducing our new support forums where you can go to get insider hints, exclusive walkthrough videos and much more. You can access these forums here.

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